What Is Tried & True

Tried and True is a workshop based solely on the idea of what has really worked best for us as photographers and in business. Triumphs we've have had, failures we've endured, secrets of fast success and how we dream big and make things happen.

Our workshop is more like a mentorship and a mastermind, and less like a "this is how we do things and so should you." We are dedicated to be a no boundaries-open book, but we really want to celebrate individuality in our industry. Everything will be laid out on the table, nothing is off topic. 

Important Topics Covered:

  • How to be yourself and shoot truthfully

    • photographing moments that matter

    • posed candids vs documentation

    • photojournalism vs lifestyle

    • shooting for your client/shooting unselfishly

    • throwing away prompts

    • forgetting about instagram (sorry, not sorry)

  • Burn out/creative ruts and how to overcome it

  • stop comparing yourself to others, just stop doing it!

  • Healthy traits of entrepreneurs

  • Work/Life Balance


  • Grabbing your workflow calendar by the balls and actually sticking to it.

  • Pricing PRICING pricing pricing pricing. Lots of talk on pricing and breaking down numbers and income. Cheering you on to raise your prices and pay yourself what. you. are. worth.

  • Passive income, maximizing online print sales with real examples of print income and why it’s important for the growth of your business.

  • Scaling and how to turn passion projects into a $$.

  • Taking marketing and lead generation advice from Realtors.

  • Search Engine Optimization and why Google is still Kweeeeen.

  • Editing more efficiently

  • Creative shoot, mentorship throughout creative shoot.

And probably more but we can only fit so much :)





What is Included

Day 1: Learn

9:30am-5 or 6pm

The workshop will begin at 9:30am with a half hour of coffee and mingling and end with a happy hour that starts at 5pm with open/question/mingling time - so end time is depending on how long happy hour goes! 

Included are coffee, bevs, snacks, and lunch and & adult bevs. (if you're 21 and older ;)  We will be sure to cater to any dietary needs (lunch will have vegetarian, vegan and meat options) we just ask you let us know ahead of time if there is anything you need!

Day 2: Create


The creative 1/2 day.

Shooting time will be 10am-12pm with optional hang out/open time afterwards for editing and mentorship questions. We will ask for the attendees to arrive at 9:30am to prepare gear, settle in etc.

This will be like nothing else and we are so excited about it! We are splitting up the attendees in smaller groups - We will have 3 ‘stations’ and 3 models. One will be with a backdrop and lighting (we will have some wireless triggers for you to practice strobes with!) station 2 will be a floating model, and station 3 will be a bride/styled table scape designed by Maven and Anne from The Holden Room.

This is meant to be 100% creative. Play with light, think outside the box, push yourself to shoot in harsh light, shoot through random items and practice posing and lighting techniques. We added this on as an optional day for those who may not be able to make this portion and/or do not wish to participate.

*For the live shoot, the goal is to be creative - show how we photograph details, and see creatively and how we see light to better your craft as a photographer and to learn your own style. Our goal is not for you to purchase a seat to this workshop to build a fake portfolio and to misguide new and potential clients of your experience. We think it is so important that you get out there and gain real life experience to ensure you are giving your future clients the best work and customer service as possible. Our goal is to create an educational experience that you can learn from so you can apply it to your future shoots.

With that being said, attendees may use the photos for blog posts and social media sharing only and must make it clear that the photos were taken at Tried & True Workshop. Images may not be used for portfolios of random images, advertising use or photography campaigns. Thank you for understanding, we are excited for you to share the images!


Day 1 & 2 | $750 $650

Day 1 only | $650 $575

Day 2 only | $195

$200 down payment to hold seat, full payment required for day 2 only. The balance will be due on April 30th via Venmo or PayPal.

Click ‘Register’ up top to reserve your seat!


A portion from each seat will be donated to a charity we will vote on at the workshop!


Because learning from other entrepreneurs and not only photographers is imperative to growth,

we have a few special guests coming to speak with you all!


Amber Weingart


A Traditional Naturopath, Entrepreneur, public speaker and owner of Opulent Natural Health - Amber is coming to talk about all things health and happiness, de stressing and how to crush your personal and future goals. Her topics will include:

1. Entrepreneurial Wellness-  How stress effects our Mind & Body and how to create a healthy redirection

2. The Dance of Creativity and Leadership- Mastering Leadership & How to tap into our creative vault

3. Motivational insight as to where you business will be in 10 years - A Guided meditation 


Elliot Saltzman


Elliot is an SEO (search engine optimization) wizard, automation and passive income genius, public speaker, and owner of Hiprenuer and Course Income. He has helped thousands of businesses to rank higher and improve their online presence on Google. - he is going to share a few words of wisdom with us about how we can kick start our SEO game and better our website’s. We are so excited to have him, he is going to add so much value to this workshop!