(stolen from Gene’s site:)

“The longer I do this, the more apparent it becomes to create work that is timeless. That overused word still rings true to me and it’s an word I deeply want associated with my work. My desire is to remind my clients of the sights, smells, and feelings that surrounded their day. I’d like to get rid of the trends and capture the real”

(Amanda here again) This. This above is why Gene is going to add so much amazingness and truth and inspiration to this workshop. Gene’s work has been iconic to most photographers in Minneapolis for years - his classic approach to shooting weddings will continue to make him stand out in our industry. At the workshop, Gene’s still keeping it real. He’s going to discuss how he’s completely locked down his work/life balance into a tight vice that no one can abrupt, his road to realizing that it’s always about our clients, and never about us, and how his personal work feeds his creativity for his wedding and portrait work.